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Bella New Moon

__silentwhisper in epicurean_icons

38 Icons

I'm back! =] Please comment if you like what you see and/or take any. Thanks.

Beverly Hills, 90210 [16], Charmed [1], Halloween Remake [4], Miley Cyrus [2], Neve Campbell [4], Stock [3], Thirteen [8]


Took a few of the Neve ones. Will credit.
I took the 2nd 90210 icon, and will credit. This is awesome because I literally just got into this show; I never watched it when it was on TV :)
I didn't either. I was still a kid watching cartoons. :P I started watching 90210 when re-runs used to air on FX years ago. Now I'm buying all the dvd's (I have seasons 1-6 and waiting for the others to come out) and my addiction to the show is resurfacing.
i absolutely love the 90210 ones... and for some wierd reaosn when i was little i was able to watch this show... i watched it the whole ten years :) I was addicted. and still am. Thank you for making these. if you dont mind me asking, where did you get the caps for 90210?
I just got a new computer about a month ago. This one actually plays DVD's (where as my old one was so old that it didn't). I stuck in my 90210 dvds and cropped what I wanted to use for icons, and that's it. I didn't save the caps or anything though as I only took a few from several episodes.
LOL, #3 is classic. And I love the hippie episode of BH, so I took a bunch of those.
That episode is one of my favorites too! I haven't seen any icons from it, so I had to make some myself. =]
Took 2nd one, will credit.
loveee lovee the bh90210 icons!
Thanks. :) I'm currently working on another batch of them. =]