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Bella New Moon

__silentwhisper in epicurean_icons

85 Icons

Sarah Michelle Gellar [4], Rose McGowan [8], Mary E. Winstead [9], Stock [23], Models [10], Kelly Clarkson [3], Audrey Kitching [4], Sophia Bush (mixture - includes JTMD, Stay Alive, and The Hitcher) [24]


I love what you did with the last 3 SMG ones. That's cool. The Sophia ones are awesome too. I love her. Snagged a few. Will credit.
Snagging a few, will credit.


Your icons are beautiful! the coloring of the food ones are so gorgeous!!
john tucker must die, plus reflection of the buildings. loves!
Snagged the third SB one. Lovely! Credited.
Taking the cat and the fireworks ♥